No storms today. Sunny, blue skies, and HUMID!

I felt pretty good riding today…i hit this big triple step up that some of the guys were even having trouble with so i was proud of myself for making it over that. however that gave me some trouble in the main. somehow I got gate 7 first round, then gate 7 again, then gate 6…and then hoping for an inside gate in the main…i somehow wind up with lane 8. real random huh?? haha. but yeah as far as the main went i wasn’t a very happy camper (to say the least) today. I haven’t been as angry and frustrated as i was today in a long time. i didn’t understand how i could come up THIRD….yes third….on a track that suited my style so well. I just got swopped in the first turn being on the outside, and hung in third to the second turn where i hesitated to see where the riders leading went, and that hesitation cost me the chance at winning the race. When i hesitated, i didn’t keep up enough speed for the huge triple step up, and ended up nose casing it, coming unclipped from my pedals, and almost going over the bars…somehow i managed to save it though and keep up with the leaders to stay in third. I was pretty upset but i guess there’s nothing i can do about it now except race hard tomorrow and try to get in front of amanda geving and dominique daniels rather then behind them!

the masters class had probably one of the squirreliest races i have ever seen haha. they were all over the place today with dougie fresh coming up with the win. (poor tim dinger…almost got struck by lightning yesterday, knocked himself out in practice today, as well as got pushed up in the second turn to go from 2nd to 4th….and i though i had it rough??) OH AND PLEASE NOTE: though jason carnes did not make the main…HE was HITTING JUMPS AGAIN!!! not small ones either….a big step forward since his injury!

superex was dominated by josh meyers all day….that’s really all there is to say.

elite men was crazy…i believe 4 guys crashed in the first turn. However, stumpy who rode good all day, came up with a well deserved win.

haha right now i am sitting in the lobby of the hotel…i thought i would use this computer because it would be faster (that’s definitely not the case)…and as i am sitting here typing, a 50 yr old guy comes up to me and starts rambling on about he was one of the originals of mountain biking or something, and then somehow wound up talking about he was one of the best climbers in the world doing climbs no one else has ever done. He called his daughter to come down to meet me to talk about competition (apparently she’s a musician), but when she got there..i really have no idea what he said, and i don’t thikn she did either haha. the guy was either drunk or crazy because i could not follow want he was trying to tell me. i guess i did get his main piece of advice though. he told me "to be real, is to be real. don’t let anyone tell ya any differently." seems like it could be a good saying…just trying to figure out how to interpret it haha. oh, and he said watch out for broken bones as he missed his fifth elevator ride talking to me about his younger years an dhow everyone hates him now and i am kind for listening to him hahahaha. I guess you never know what you’ll come across in Pennsylvania….especially bridgeville.