Once again Redline Challenge rises to the occasion. After a great weekend in Chula Vista the Challenge crew rolls into Bakersfield, Ca. for the US National. Having all but three riders in the TRC compound (Team Redline Challenge) all riders were ready for a fun and competitive weekend. Excitement was in the air after a good hard practice Saturday morning and the team knew it was time to get to work. The mains start off as Maison Duncan finishes 2nd in 6 open, Dustin miles with a 2nd in 14 open, Ashlynn Wilson with a 7th in 8 girl, Shelby Wren with a 1st in 9 girl, Emily Harris with a 4th in 11 girl, Dilyn Sons with a 1st in 10 cruiser, Garet Sejkora with a 3rd in 14 cruiser, Dylan Dabbert with a 5th in 17 cruiser, Chris Westbrook with a 8th in 40 cruiser, Shelby Wren with a 6th in 10 girl cruiser, Maison Duncan with a 3rd in 6x, Dilyn Sons with a 2nd in 10x, Kamren Larsen with a 2nd in 11x,Garet Sejkora with a 4th in 14x, Dylan Dabbert with a 6th in 17- 18x, Also competing was Tommy Bellew, Brendan Lynch, and Brandon Cato. Our V.I.P hanging out with the TRC crew for the weekend was Carly Dyar and family from Redline factory. Carly had a great day as well with a 2nd in 16 girl, and a 1st in girl cruiser. What an awesome family to hang out with. Excited as the last main was over all we could do was wait for the factory results .FIRST PLACE WITH A SCORE OF 191 TEAM REDLINE CHALLENGE!!!!! We screamed and cheered ,there was even a few tears! We fired up the grills, set up the DJ and couldn’t wait to celebrate. The Wren Family would like to send out a GET WELL WISH to Nathan Luna ,and THANK YOU to Redline bikes, fly , ODI, LDC, Our fantastic parents on the team, and face book followers. a special THANKS to Gork, we couldnt do it with out you!