Hello Cyclo-Cross lovers everywhere!

It’s time again for the Elite Cyclo-Cross World Championships.
Can American Katie Compton beat the best European women? Will Sven Nys finally have a great day at Worlds?
Tune in this weekend to watch this live. 
Here’s the details from Universal Sports Heather Brown:
“My name is Heather Brown and  I work for Universal Sports a website and channel partnered with NBC that highlights Olympic Sports all year long. We are going to be broadcasting the Cyclo-Cross World Championships this Sunday.  The broadcast will be free and we are really just trying to reach out to all the true cycling fans to let them know where they can come to watch these major events.  If there is any way that you can help us spread the word to fans whether it be posting up links or banners on your website, or sending out an e-mail blast they would all be greatly appreciated.  We will have our banner and media alert finalized tomorrow and I can send those items to you then.  I have useful links below to access the broadcast. 
It will  be a webcast, and we are broadcasting it VOD (video on demand).  It is not live and since they send us the feed as soon as its over we have to depend on their timing so we can’t tell people a specific time that it starts.  But it is usually always a couple hours after the event, so it should still be broadcasts sometime in the morning.  Sorry that we can’t be more specific usually we are able to get the feed live so we don’t run into these problems but we weren’t able to for this one.  The broadcast will be free, and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask. 

CLICK HERE for a schedule with Video Links ( the video links will come up as soon as they are available the day of the event):  or CLICK HERE for the Cycling Channel Page.