FRM Junior Development Team Cyclocross
Nationals Race Report
The FRM Junior Development Team started out at national’s week with temperatures around -9 degrees on Tuesday which made it look very scary! Then it gradually started warming up each day. By Saturdays Junior 17/18 race it was in the 40’s and muddy! Crazy stuff! It is very difficult to race well in icy conditions if you have never experienced them before! The team performed well and most importantly, had fun!
Junior 10-12
Conditions for the junior 10-12 year old men’s race was very icy and challenging. The race started at 9:15. Jarrett Aregger, Mitchell Thornton, Kyle Howlett, Henry Geary and Erik Philipson toed the line with visions of a National Championship in their heads! There were a total of 23 racers in this category. Positions throughout the race changed dramatically as the icy conditions sent everyone to the ground more than once! All of our kids raced hard and fought for every position and picked themselves up after every crash!
Mitchell Thornton – 11th
Jarrett Aregger – 12th
Henry Geary – 15th
Erik Philipson – 19th
Derrick Howlett – 22nd
Junior Men 13/14
Evan Geary and Mike Jors represented the team in the junior 13/14 year old men’s race. 36 boys lined up for this one! They raced at the same time as the 10-12 year olds but started a few seconds before them so conditions were the same. This is a very tough category and you have to start fast, be aggressive and push your way forward! Both of our boys pushed themselves to their limits and did everything they could to gain positions.
Evan Geary – 23rd
Mike Jors – 33rd
Junior Men 15/16
Things start to get really fast once you hit this age group! You have to be a CAT 3 or above if you even think you have a chance at a title! Logan Owen and another racer are CAT 2’s! There were 50 racers in this field and we had Colin Krebsbach and Avi Mahan ready to do battle. Colin was coming off a 2nd and a win in Portland the week before so was confident. Avi seemed ready to roll. The course conditions were still icy and slippery and tire choice was critical. Both boys hit the start good and Colin ran right up front for a while. It became apparent that Colin’s tire choice wasn’t working in the icy conditions which slowed him down. Avi started the race strong but hurt his knee on the stairs and pulled out. Colin battled hard all day and eventually fought his way to 11th place.
Colin Krebsbach 11th
Avi Mahan – DNF
Junior Men 17/18
You thought the 15/16 category was fast! This group has some serious horsepower under the hoods! Cole Cutright, Evan Renwick and David Yamamoto were primed and ready to go against 37 of the country’s best juniors. For David, this would be his first Nationals and during his first ever Cyclocross season! Very intimidating when you toe the line for the first time with the countries best juniors! Cole and Evan have many years experience and were primed to do battle. Cole Cutright got the best start after Evan caught someone’s pedal in his wheel! That was just the beginning of our bad luck! Cole hit the barriers wrong going down hard and dropping his chain which cost him a good 10 positions or so. Cole then put his head down and charged back to around 8th when disaster struck and he flatted causing him to have to run to the pits! He jumped back in and salvaged 22nd. Evan’s issues didn’t end with the wheel problem! Evan also ended up flatting and having to run but not quite as far and got back into the race quickly. Both of these guys would have placed top 10 if they wouldn’t have flatted! David trekked along and looked to get faster each lap until he was finally caught by the leaders on the last lap and pulled.
Evan Renwick – 20th
Cole Cutright – 22nd
David Yamamoto – 29th
Master 45 – 49 (148 starters)

Jerry Cutright – 62nd 


Bend the day we arrived. -9 degrees!!!

ASC/Redline (The New FRM Junior Development Team) Team Camp. Yes, we had heat in that there tent and trailer!

Cole Cutright charging!

Erik Philipson tackles ice and snow!

Avi Mahan takes a tumble!