It was a long weekend but a great one!  

It started out with Dual Slalom practice on Wednesday and race on Thursday.  The course was quick and fast.  The rain muddied the course up Thursday morning which caused practice to be delayed an hour in hopes that the course would dry a bit. The blue course ended up being about 2.5 seconds slower than the red course until it dried and by finals there was about a 1.5 sec. difference between the courses.  In the finals I made it to 4th place and it was awesome!  

Friday came and it was time for Super Downhill.  The start was elbow to eblbow and handlbars got caught causing one rider to crash right before heading into the single track. It had a couple tables to jump over and then down through switch backs into a sharp u-turn and up the one hill which was a killer. At that point lungs burning and legs just about to fall off and only 2/3 way down the course.  The top four riders beginning to barely seperate.  In the end the winner of the race won because of a crash of the 2nd place racer.  I was able to hold on to 4th place.  

By Sunday it was the final day of racing the Downhill race.  Practice through the week and the qualifier was dry and THEN the rain came down soon after and through the race, making it more of a mud-fest at the finish. Racers times were consistently slower then the qualifier run but all made it to the finish safely.  7th place was the end result for me and this year I made it down all on my own!   Oh YEAHHH!!!!!  Michelle