The American team flew a long ways and spent a lot of money…..for no results. =[ Sadly, as the guys went through quarters and the girls approached third round of semis, I was the only shot left to qualify to final for the USA team….and I didn’t. i was sitting on the bubble spot going into the race but was feeling confident. I had my strategy set up and everything, but a BIG BALL up in the first turn didn’t quite let me run the race I wanted to. I was hanging out away from everybody but then going up to the second straight (where I had been making up ground throughout all the races) girls went every which direction and skidded to no jump in front of me..and basically, I just had to look out in order not to go down. Ended up not riding a very good lap, and not quite making it out of the semis. I was pretty bummed considering I had a good chance of making it even though I had a STACKED moto. (Shanaze Reade, Sarah Walker, Sammy Cools, Amelia Despaux, Manon Valentino, "i don’t know how to spell the dutch riders name", and rachel bracken). It would have been my first super cross final and would have boosted my confidence a lot, but it’s okay i guess. I do feel a lot more confident going into the next SX races, seeing as a made it through without crashing in races with the fastest girls out there. So there’s hope =]


As for the others. Arielle crashed in the first round of semis, took an 8th in the second round, and was pretty much done in the third already having two SNOWMAN’s. David Herman hit the gate in quarters. Vance Weisendanger got swooped in the second turn, and was balled up by a crash in his quarter (after sitting third). Denzel crashed HARD in his second moto, was out for the rest of the day. Joey bradford got taken out by a frenchie who bailed out in the quarter. Nic didn’t make it out of motos. Barry wrecked himself and tore his ACL, while winning his last moto…so obviously was out for the day. Corben Sharrah rode well but didn’t make it out of the quarter. And that pretty much does it.


Lots of great riders from other countries went out due to crashes as well…the euros + sifiso made up the men’s final, while a lot of frenchies made the girls main. Tough day for all, but more to look forward to!


We fly out in the morning and then I am off to fresno next weekend. So I will chat at you later..oh and happy birthday david herman!! (tough birthday..)