Many of you have seen or are pretty familiar with this classic Stu Thomsen photo of him jumping over 3 Porsche’s in late 1983.

Stu Thomsen Porsche Jump

But many have not seen this photo that we received from Redline founder Linn Kastan.

Stu Thomsen Porsche jump

Here is what Linn had to say:

"I came across this old photo the other day. I took it myself and if you look at the "high tech" ramp, you’ll understand why my car was in the middle!! Besides, I was the only "car owner" present, so I got to "direct"!"

Love the plates on the Porsche’s.

Porsche's plates


The above cars belonged to Jim Janard (Oakley), Linn Kastan (Redline), & Bob Osbourne (Wizard Publications)

And just in case you missed it, here is the homage  Hucker did with some Toyota Tacoma’s. Click for the video of it in cased you missed it.

Hucker Truck Jump