I had some fun during the race in Chula Vista.


I did a big mistake at the Time Trial 1st run. I finished on a very bad 41th spot ! I was faster on my 2nd run, but my time was not that good. It was enough to qualify 1st. So I was 33th at the overall.


Saturday was a better day for me. Unfortunately I didn’t make the main, but I felt better than during practise ! I finished 2-2-3 in 1/8, 3rd in quaters and 5th in semi. I almost crashed before the first turn. Daudet made a mistake on the triple and we lost some speed. Then we came back on 4th and 5th but I couldn’t pass him ! Races were close and exciting that is what I like !


Last Supercross will hold in Frejus. I want to be back on top spots in Time Trial, and make the main. I hope the track will be good !