There was a solid showing for the Redline Camp out in Chula Vista, California with two of the Elite Men, Jelle Van Gorkom and Raymon Van Der Biezen out the Netherlands making the final.  Australian Sam Willoughby went out hard in the Semi after French rider Joris Daudet made a bonehead move in the last turn.  In the Final Jelle went to make a pass for second in the first turn and washed out taking 5 out of the other 7 riders with him.  Surviving the crash was teammate Raymon Van Der Biezen, who lost much of his momentum and was forced to roll the infamous Chula Second straight, but still managed a second in the race and a spot on the podium.

The Redline crew from the Netherlands were sprinkled throughout the standings, the older racer on the circuit, Afro Bob made a solid showing pushing his way into the quarters but having to settle with a 5th and not transferring onto semis.  Also holding down the fort was Netherland rider Twan Van Gendt who made it into semi’s but drew the harder of the two and ended up in 5th.


Also notable on the track this weekend was Sam Willoughby rocking a Carbon Flight Series frame, this was his first event on it and he was looking FAST.  A few of the international riders were also sporting new Redline jerseys that mixed in their national colors down the left sleeve which had them looking pretty sharp.

Overall, Redline riders picked up the 3rd-6th places for the Supercross Series.  Sam Willoughby ended the season in 6th behind Tory Nyhaug who took 5th in one of the most impressive rookie seasons to date.  Meanwhile,  Netherland riders Raymon Van Der Biezen and Jelle Van Gorkom went 3rd and 4th in that order.