Redline BMX has teamed up with Chrome, the world’s leading manufacturer of durable gear for urban living, on a custom Barrage Cargo Backpack. The bag is made from deconstructed Redline BMX Flight Pants as well as Chrome’s bomb proof materials.

How did this collaboration come about?

“I had seen some of the amazing custom designs that Stephen Willis was creating in the Seattle Chrome Store,” says Redline Senior Design Manager, Evan Moss.”I wanted to capture that creativity using Redline materials in some way. Redline BMX pants turned out to be the best choice for a collaboration.”


How do you begin turning pants into a bag?

Chrome’s Stephen Willis: “Chrome has had a salvage custom option with our bags that originally started as a way to honor service personnel by turning their old uniforms into messenger bags and backpacks. While I’ve had the opportunity to use a lot of unique materials to construct bags, BMX race pants are by far one of the most fun I’ve done to date. Consulting with Evan we wanted the bags to be slightly different from each other. I started with deconstructing the pants and figuring out which pieces I wanted to feature to create unique pattern pieces. The more pieces I cut the more excited I got to see the project starting to form.”

What features did you build in?

Chrome’s Stephen Willis: “When I salvage material for a new design I try to utilize as much of it as possible. For the Chrome X Redline bags this involved reusing the Redline rubber patches from the pants and featuring them on the front of the cargo net. I also reused the pant’s fabric size tags for small, but crucial details. We made sure to have all the great features of Chrome’s Barrage rolltop backpack which includes dual water bottle pockets, a side zipper for quick access items, and a welded tarp liner to make sure all your essentials stay dry.”

“Overall, I was more than stoked to be part of this collaboration between Chrome and Redline. Both brands have had a long history of making quality products for the cycling community, and I’ve been a fan and customer of both for many years. I’m privileged to have had the opportunity to make these bags happen, and it definitely comes from being part of a supportive team. I can’t wait to watch Alise and Sam kill it on the track this August!” said Stephen.

The first two bags can be seen on the backs of Redline BMX Team riders Alise Post and Sam Willoughby, who are on their way to Rio in August. You can see Sam and Alise react to seeing the bags and their bikes for the big summer competition in this video.

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