Well, the holidays have come and gone.  I hope Santa brought everyone what they wanted.  For those of us in the BMX race world, every holiday brings a race and Christmas is no exception.  The NBL Christmas Classic kicks off on December 26th every year and it is one of the great races on the schedule.  Historically it has been in Columbus, OH and is usually a challenging, technical track.  This year, the race moved to Louisville, KY and had a whole different flavor.  The smaller Broadbent Arena provided for a tight, busy track with lots of run-ins (mostly in turns 1 and 3).  The turn-out was great with over 200 motos and everyone was pumped to kick off the new NBL season!

For me, the Christmas Classic ushered in a fresh start with healed-up body parts and a drive to once again be successful in the Vet Pro/Masters class.  It’s been nearly two years since I have raced pain-free!  After a crushed kidney and broken ribs in Jan ’08, then ruining my left wrist and right shoulder in Jun ’08 (requiring six surgeries and countless hours of rehab), it feels great to be back on the track without grimacing in pain.  It will take some time to rebuild the confidence and become a serious contender but I welcome the challenge!

With the rest of the RL crew enjoying the holidays at home or over racing in Australia, I was holding it down in Kentucky with my Masters running-mate and hometown hero Tommy Board.   We had a small pit set-up but the hype over the 2010 Flight bikes seemed to still be going strong.  The racing went great as Tommy and I went 5th and 4th respectivelly in Saturdays main.  Then Sunday, with the help of an inside lane and some fist turn drama, I managed to sneak by for the big win with Tommy battling for a 4th.  It was two years ago at the Christmas Classic since my last win.  I’ve been waiting all this time for the cards to fall my way and finally it happened.  I was not the fastest guy on the weekend but as we all know…anything can happen out there…that’s why you pin it hard when the gate drops no matter how you feel!  I’ve lost more than a few races when I felt like I was riding great, and I’ve won a ton when I was dragging a bit.  However it comes, I’LL TAKE IT!!

Overall, It was a great weekend with no crashes.  The NBL put on a top notch event with a great track.  Hopefully things will steadily improve for them as I really enjoy racing their series!  Next up is the big ABA season opener in Reno this weekend.  I will fly up to Seattle Wednesday and drive down in the RL Sprinter to support the team.  Hopefully I’ll make it through the mountain passes!!!  Alright, time to shred the trails…until next time….jc over and out!