Lots of stuff going on these days.  I just finished up a sun-filled weekend of NBL racing in West Palm Beach, FL .  The Okeeheelee track is definitely top 3 in the country!  They don’t get much better…smooth, technical, asphalt turns, two pro sections and a beautiful park setting.  Plus, I usually get to touch up on my tan.  This weekend was no exception as the weather was perfect.  There was some great pro racing and the two pro section straight-aways provided some crazy crashes.  I survived by keeping it low on the other side and came out with a 4th place finish on Saturday.  I’ve still got a lot of work to do if I want to see the top of the podium any time soon!

After the races, SE racing’s Javier Colombo and I made the short trip down to Southbeach in Miami to do some spring-breaking before heading up to Tampa on Thursday for round 3 of the NBL ‘Road to Glory’.  I’ll get some spring break pics posted up as we snap them.  For now, check these out:

Pic 1 is my Texas buddy ‘Dougie Fresh’ Doug Crowell’s new race rig.  Look closely at the cranks.  He has taken some RL Device cranks, upgraded to a titanium spindle and ceramic bearings on the bb, then capped over the drive-side bolt and had them dipped in chrome.  Those things are shiny and spin forever!  Chris Rickard at ORP in Houston does a lot of cool stuff and handled all the upgrades.  He’s also a big Redline dealer so check him out!

The rest of the pic’s are group shots from the Flight Schools I’ve been busy with the last few weeks.  They started out a little small due to some crazy weather but they are picking up steam now.  I’ve got a ton of pic’s from the camps but i need to figure out how to load them all up!  These are (in order) from Weaver and Dothan, AL, then Oldsmar, Orlando, and Palm Bay, FL.  The next Flight Schools are next week in Peach Tree City and Powder Springs, GA.  Good times fer sho!