Tory Nyhaug & family just returned from the Cycling BC Awards banquet – in which Tory and other great Canadian BMXers were up for some major recognition. By the time it was all said and done, Tory left with two awards for his incredible efforts this year.  He won the Cycling BC BMX Cyclist of the Year, and was also presented with the Russ Coupland Award for National Junior Cyclist of the Year. The Coupland Award is especially neat, since it covers all cycling disciplines (road, track, bmx, mountain, etc). The president of Canadian Cycling was the one who handed him the plaque.

Very cool.


Also in the Canadian news – they have qualified and confirmed their attendance for the first ever Youth Olympic Games in Singapore – which will take place in August of 2010. The Cycling format for this event is a bit different from anything ever done before. Each cycling team will have 3 males and 1 female (all 18 and under).  One male will do BMX (Tory, of course), one male will do road time trial, while another male will handle mountain biking. Then, they will all compete in a 3-man team road race.  The female will do BMX, time trials and mountain biking.  Canada is looking to Tory as their BMX guy to win that event.  He is the perfect age too – now he’ll just need to brush up on his road bike racing skills.