Okay I might just be a huge dork/nerd, but I have NEVER actually seen this before and now I get to sleep in a wall-pull out bed at my hotel






Pretty cool huh? Kind of like a New York apartment or something!


This place we’re staying at has all kinds of little quirks and it’s neat. My whole family is staying in this condo type of thing rather than a hotel and we’re having a good time. There’s a million light switches everywhere and only half the light bulbs work so my brother has been being the monkey crawling around off balconies and such in order to fix bulbs and transport them to places where it is more necessary to have light. So if you come visit us, make sure you BYOB (Bring your own BULB) to carry from room to room with ya! haha.

Oh and don’t forget to bring a case of water with you to train for the grands as well. We’re doing max out squats!


I am off to the track now though so I will update you with some pics of the track tonight!