Just to give you a hint of how cold it is up here in the great north of Minnesota…it’s been -41 degrees outside…AND OUR SCHOOL GOT CANCELLED TODAY DUE TO THE COLD WEATHER!!! when does that EVER happen??? the only other day I have had cancelled in my high school career is 2 years ago when we got so much snow in white night they couldn’t clear the roads for the buses the next day…so it must be pretty cold out.

As exciting as it is to get an extra day out of school, I am a little bummed we didn’t just have a 2 hhour late start because we were supposed to have a gymnastics meet today and obviously now that it’s cancelled we’re going to have to make it up…and our january schedule for competitions was already pretty full so this is gonna get hectic!!

Oh and HAPPY 18TH to one of my best buds Tabitha!! (I’ll be following ya in two days =])

anyways, just thought I would let you know how sweet minnesota is…check ya later.