Stoked for Team Redline!  Brandon,Hucker and Josh Hult all finished in the top ten over in Germany this weekend including Redline’s Brandon Dosch with a 10,000 win including this great antler trophy..Wonder how he got that thing home?-Cheers boys-fuzz

Munich, Germany, July 27th 2009 – Brandon Dosch really seems to deserve the title of the BMX shooting star 2009. The 20 year old from Lake Orion, Michigan won the 2009 BIG IN BAVARIA dirt jump competition – which was held inconjunction with the BIKE EXPO trade show in Munich, Germany. Dosch earned himself the victory with a big bag of stunning tricks and lots of consistency – and took home $9,500.00 US dollars. Ca$h.

The weather conditions on Saturday didn’t make it easy for the riders: lots of heavy rain showers and only a few dry sections with many gusts of wind made long training sessions impossible. But the big names in BMX business proved that they are pros for a reason and coped with this quite difficult situation very well.
Brandon Dosch, sponsored by Redline and riding their Device frame and equipment, landed his 720s, opposite 360s, 360 double tailwhips, barspin to tailwhips and various combinations in his final runs perfectly. No question, the Redline team rider deserved the BIG IN BAVARIA title. 2nd place finisher TJ Ellis showed his backflips with X-up one foots and superman variations, fancy cannonballs as well as huge frontflips at the last double: second place for ruler from the Vans team. German rookie Simon Moratz from Freising, Germany went off with his 360s, frontflips and no-handed backflips – to take third place.

The other riders also rocked the huge dirt line featuring seven jumps. Redline’s Mike “Hucker” Clark (4th/USA) was the only one throwing down backflips at the step down. There was only one more rider doing a pretty technical trick on this drop: Darren Berrecloth (5th/CAN) – a former BMX rider and now primary known as mountain bike freeride icon. DB is used to bigger gaps and had the balls to show 360s at the step down. GT rider Dave Dillewaard (6th/AUS) just ruled the line with his unique style and tricks like 360 tailwhips to tabletop, what gave him big props from the audience. Redline’s Dew Tour Chicago winner Josh Hult (8th/USA) showed nice decades and huge superman tailwhips at the first and biggest double. James Foster (11th/USA) used the same booster to pull even bigger 360 tailwhips.

The crowd was yelling and screaming for the riders until the very last runs in the early sunset to determined the final results:
RANK NAME (Nation/Team) 

1 Brandon Dosch (USA/REDLINE)

2 TJ Ellis (USA/VANS)

3 Simon Moratz (GER/FELT)


5 Darren Berrecloth (CAN/SPECIALIZED)

6 Dave Dillewaard (AUS/GT)

7 Alejandro Caro (COL/WETHEPEOPLE)

8 Josh Hult (USA/REDLINE)

9 Josh Stead (AUS)

10 Ricardo Laguna (USA/DANS COMP)

Afterwards, all of the participants partied hard – German-style, at the Munich P1 club. With lots of free drinks and hot girls, there were more than a few riders that made their way to the hotel just in time to grab their stuff, take the VW shuttle to the airport and finally get a decent sleep while flying home.

In short: the pros just went big in Bavaria in every way!

Most of them made sure that their place on the rider’s list of the BIG IN BAVARIA in 2010 is safe. So you can already look forward to next year’s, probably bigger version of the BIG IN BAVARIA.

But you don’t have to plan that far to get first class BMX action. If you haven’t seen the live stream, watch out for the BIG IN BAVARIA highlight clip coming soon.