Another summer is upon us, and another X Games is in the history books! This week the biggest contest of the year returned to Austin, Texas, where Brandon Dosch hit the dirt jumps once again after taking a podium spot the past two years.

Brandon loved the fact that the course had a trails style mixed with the competition vibe and looked really comfortable while flowing the sets during practice.

To prepare for X Brandon spent a lot of time in the woods with Austin’s Eastside trails crew and took a trip to The Kitchen Skatepark in Indiana to get a few tricks dialed.

Just before the event started he said, “I feel healthy, I feel positive, and I’m looking forward to the contest today.”

Brandon stuck to his signature style of spinning in both directions, kicking multiple whips, and throwing down style tricks like turndowns and lookbacks to even things out.

Unfortunately the wind was a factor at the Circuit of the Americas and the three runs didn’t go as well as Brandon would have liked. Brandon put on a great show though, ended the day with a triple whip, and got the crowd even more stoked by throwing his bike, helmet, and shirt to fans after his final run.

Words and photos by Fat Tony










Photo by Trevor Brown Jr/ESPN