Braintree Bmx club played hosted to rounds 5 & 6 of the UK Bmx national race series, this was the second national event Braintree has held and with the there first event winning the best national of 2010, this one had to be extra special to beat last years event.

Time for racing

Day 1

One thing for sure Braintree Bmx club had booked the right weekend for the weather, as temperatures sored the racing got hotter. Alan Hill racing both cruiser and 20" looked like hard work in the sun and dispite the temperature and double the racing he still managed to come 1st over the line in both classes. Back from injury and riding up into Junior Men Jacob Roberts was looking strong in a very fast class, Jacob made it though the semi finals and into his first Junior Men A-Final, after some close racing Jacob came un-clipped from his pedals on the last straight and came in 8th.

Other results of the day

  • Emily Hutt  –  1st
  • Travis Wilson – 6th
  • Matt Hutt – 1st B-Final
  • Valerie Zebrokova  –  1st
  • Andy Clucas  –  1st
  • Ayesha McLelland  –  2nd
  • Abi Hill – 6th

Day 2

Sunday again was hot and full of high speed action and unfortunately crashes. Andy Clucas was on fire in his moto’s and maintaining his 1st place wins, semi finals came and Andy wanted to win the semi, gate drops and the riders come into the first corner tight which results in carnage and Andy coming off worst in the crash. Next time Andy. Valerie and Emily had a great weekend and won both days, adding more points to Redline score. Alan Hill doubled in Masters and 2nd in cruiser on day 2.

Other results of day 2

  • Travis Wilson – 1st B-Final
  • Matt Hutt – 4th
  • Jacob Roberts – DNF
  • Ayesha McLelland – 3rd
  • Abi Hill – 5th

The Redline UK Team would like to send thanks to their sponsors

THE Industries, Troy Lee, Tacx, Airace, Tioga, Shimano

Next race: Round 7 & 8 Redditch July 16 & 17th

Pictured: Andy Clucas

Pictured: Matt Hutt