I made it through final exams!!!  Now it’s time to head out to my clinical portion of the semester.  I’m pretty excited to see the physical therapy process in motion, instead of being couped up in a classroom all day. 

So Gork has been posting up old school photos all day and I began to think back to my younger days.  At the tender age of 5, there was this guy who use to jump over cars, buses and the Grand Canyon.  So what do boys do after seeing that???  Grab a cinder block, plywood and ramp over your friends!!!  Around 12, I discoverd BMX racing through my best friend and it’s taken hold of me ever since. 

I remember getting my very first BMX Action magazine.  Nothing got my imagination going and doing my fair share of California dreaming than seeing these larger than life characters on the glossed pages of the might BMXA.  We would name tricks after all these guys….like a Grub or a Buff…  One day, I can remember a heated debate over who got their bars most cranked.  Most of us were doing a Patterson (today it’s an X-up or turn bar), but one guy would bust out the best Leary (now called a look back.) 

While talking with Gork last year at the ABA Grands, I would tell him how he and all the guys in the BMXA made a huge impact on a group of kids in the midwest.  I still don’t think he fully understands the impact he made not only on our little scene, but the scenes across the United States that weren’t in California.  We would copy their style…if we went to a national and met a guy from Cali, we’d try to speak the lingo.

So whats the point  to this post.  To acknowledge the role ol’ Gork has played in my life and if you have a dream not to give up on it…..  I always wanted to be part of the same scene Gork was in.  After 25 years in the sport, it finally came true.  So don’t ever give up on your dreams, no matter how far out of reach you may think they are!