Sunday was pretty busy and fun. I went to the track basically all day with Jeromy and then by the time I got home it was time to go hang out with friends for birthdays!! So I wuick got ready and went over to a friends with a bunch of people there for the majority of the night.

I left somewhat earlier than normal (like 11:30) because I wanted to go home and sleep because I had a meet today. However, on the way home I called Jeromy to see what he was up to for the night, because I had heard he was going to go ice fishing. Yes, ice fishing. You know where you drive out on the 19 inch thick ice and put a fish house up and drill holes through the ice?? crazy I know. I hadn’t been fishing since I was a little girl, so when Jeromy told me they were at a lake about 15 minutes from my house, I HAD TO GO CHECK IT OUT!!

So I went out to the lake to fish with Jeromy, Brandon and Chuck (Chuck is a volunteer at my local track whose funny as heck and gives me, and everyone else crap all the time…and he’s always fun to be around =]). Anyways, I went out there, but really didn’t get much of the fishing experience, because they really weren’t catchin any fish! haha. So we just talked and watched som eold transit videos and what not for a while, and then I headed home for the night.

It was a good night followed by a pretty decent gymnastics meet the next day in Alexandria. I probably would have had my highest all around score ever, but on our last event (beam) I decided to choke and fall twice!! GRRRRRR!!!!! But, I still got my event record on floor with a 9.8, so that was exciting. However, after a decent meet, our team still had a lot of falls (just like the meet on Saturday, and the one before that had) so we got a little beam punishment today at practice. To make a long story short, I did so many back flips on that beam that my callus on the ball of my foot, right where my second biggest toe and foot join, ripped open… So that was no fun. Then later in practice I somehow managed to murder my ankle bone and now that’s a little bit swollen up, but not too bad. To say the least, I got beat up today at gymnastics practice and then still had to go down to the track an hour away to ride my bike before Guthrie, Oklahoma this weekend.

Oh, and I had school again today for the first time in a while…haha we kind of got a mini spring break this weekend with those cold days off..

So, pretty hectic couple of days, but hey, when isn’t my life hectic?? haha.

check ya later