January 17th is always a spectacular day every year… BECAUSE IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! =]

This year all kinds of stuff was "happening on jan 17th" according to my dad. A bunch of TV series he watches were starting, I was turning 19, and most importantly THE VIKINGS WERE PLAYING IN THE PLAYOFFS.

So, of course my family, even me, dressed accordingly and wore our vikings jerseys and attire. The funny part of this whole thing was that my team mate Denzel from Redline, was also turning 19 on Jan 17, and he’s from Dallas …. kind of ironic that the MN Vike’s were playing the Dallas Cowboys on January 17 in the playoffs. It was also kind of funny because Denzel is off in Australia right now coaching clinics, while two Australians are at my house cheering for MN! haha …crazy.

Jason Carnes thought we were going down for sure but we proved him wrong by kicking the COWBOYS BUTTS!!! The Vikings win was the most important thing of the day checked off the list, and then me eating birthday cake with a couple of my friends that came over, and celebrating mine and my sister-in-laws birthdays. We also went out and saw the BLIND SIDE that evening, after pizza, and that was a good movie. I definitely recommend it. We also had some snowmobile riding go down … check it out in the pics below.

Other than a little celebrating, nothing too crazy happened, but I had a good day with my family and some friends, and another birthday is down in the books. My mom is going crazy thinking her little baby is in her last teenage year…. Time flies when you’re having fun i guess =]