The Bike Alley/Redline/Rockstar bike shop team ended another great season with a strong finish at the ABA Grand Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and earned the #2 Bike Shop team for the year. Congratulations to J&R/Speed for taking the title this year. Also, we would like to send a shout out to former Bike Alley Riders, Dani George & Josh Klatman for taking the ABA National #1 Amateur Titles for the year!!!!

This season was a great success because of many people involved. First and foremost, the parents for all the hard work in getting their kids to practices and races. Second, for the hard work each team rider did to prepare for all of the races. Lastly, the season could not have happened without support from all our sponsors, including Bike Alley, Redline Bicycles, Rockstar Energy Drink, QSI, Chism Commercial, ODI, S&M Bikes and FLY Racing. As far as the Grands Results are concerned, it was another team effort. We had some great performances throughout the year…Taylor Cornelius(NAG #3), Jordan Nopens(NAG #2), Patrick Coo(NAG #2 USAC National #1) A.J. Saldivar(USAC National #1), Wyatt Hubbard (NAG #9), Kyle Bastin (ROC #1) as well as Micayla Gaskey, Parker McClanahan, Megan Chism, Chad Cornelius, Daniel Johnson, Chrystian McClanahan, Matt Chism, Beau Gregorios and Ryan Weber made contributions during the season as well as the newest member of the team Connor Defrain who won the ROC and Grands to take NAG #1 for 7 year olds.

In preparation for the 2012 season, which will be Bike Alley’s 32nd Anniversary, we will continue with the best bikes in BMX Redline Bicycles with team riders on board the 2012 flights frames. We look forward to competing as a Bike Shop team once again against some of the great teams we competed with this past year. A special thanks to Ruben Sanchez at Bike Alley and our other great sponsors…Redline Bicycles, Rockstar Energy Drink, Fly Racing, ODI, S&M, CHISM Commercial, and a couple others we are still working on for this coming year.

Happy New Year & See You in Reno! – Efriam Miranda, TM