The Bike Alley/Redline/Rockstar Bike Shop team started the year off in Reno, NV for the 1st USABMX National of the year.  The weekend started off great with the team picking up their award for National Number 2 Bike Shop Team.  Then some great racing action with a number of podium finishes for the weekend.  This weekend the there was some great individual performances on the track.  Sabrina Perez, 5 girl, picked up her NAG 8 plate and followed it up with 3rd & 2nd place finishes.  Parker McClanahan has been training hard and it showed with a 2nd place finish on Saturday in 10 girls.  Jordan Nopens, NAG 2, brought home two 2nd place finishes in 14 girls.  Linkin Garcia, racing his first 5 expert races finished 3rd & 2nd for the weekend.  Tyler McGuire had one of his best weekends of racing making every main for the weekend including a 3rd place finish in cruiser on Sunday.  Kyle Bastin had a great weekend in one the toughest classes in BMX, 19-27X, two 2nd place finishes.

Look for the Bike Alley Trailer at most west coast nationals this year being towed by our new team van…Next stop for the Bike Alley/Redline/Rockstar team is the Redline Cup Qualifier at Whittier Narrows BMX on Feb. 18 and then the Socal Nationals/USAC National Championships in Chula Vista, CA.