Put a 2nd down in the books for Day One of the sooner nationals for Alise Post. and Jared Graves for that matter. Dominique Daniels and Randy Stumpfhauser took the wins for the day, while Ashley Verhagen and Sam Willoughby took the third place on the podiums for the day. The men’s race was pretty back and forth with a lot of action in the pro section. Sam alone went from top three down the first straight, back to about 5th, then back to third out of the second turn. Jared wanted to "quit pedaling out of the last turn but knew Sam would come out of it with hot legs to chase him down so he unfortunately had to pedal". haha. Jared deserved a good finish today I suppose, considering his amazing warm up with "beast squats" in the Redline pits =]. After the elite men’s race today Jared Graves should be in the overall points lead with Sam Willoughby in tow.

Personally, I wasn’t very impressed with my day. I started the day off rather sluggish compared to how i felt in practice the night before. However, I finally figured it out in my third moto and got a real good start and was feeling more confident going into the final, where I also had a good start, but just didn’t cut over enough. I was in the lead all the way to the top of the first jump but didn’t take the inside line quick enough and ended up second for the day.

The evening was finished with an awesome italian dinner at othello’s in good company. We had a group of 13 (fields, derosa’s, nyhaugs, bennetts, jason carnes, willoughby, graves, and my dad and I) and we had a laughter filled dinner and now we’re off to bed. It was a long day but tomorrow will be longer. Racing, travel to SD, and THE VIKINGS GAME!!!

wish me and the vikings luck tomorrow…it’s a big day!