So after Madrid, We headed to france for a day then we were lucky enough to get to go to Switzerland and stay with Yvan Lapraz.  Had a couple good training sessions with him, thanks alot buddy.  


We got to Besancon, and it was cold!  We checked out the track thursday night and it was snowing.  The track looked awesome though so I was excited to race the weekend.  Friday afternoon practice went great, felt fast and really prepared for the weekend.  Saturday morning warm up went well and so did mottos, qualified out with 1-2-1 and had second lane pick in the 1/8th.  Ended up with lane 2, got a good gate and was holeshotting but went too wide in the first corner and got blasted right over.  I was in shock, It was the first time I missed out on a junior main.  So there I was on the sidelines watching my class race.  I was so bummed but I knew what I had to do the next day.  Sunday morning I woke up determined to redeem myself.  Passed my mottos with 1-1-2 which gave me first lane pick in the 1/8th.  Picked 1 and stayed there all day, didn’t lose another lap and ended up getting a great gate in the main and winning from the start!  Super pumped on how the day went.  It was the most exhausting day of racing I have ever had.  Had to run 7 laps in only just over 2 hours on a super long and tiring track.  After the race i layed down on the ground, but it had been worth it.  I came home really satisfied with how the trip went and now I can get back on the training for Copenhagen!