Congratulations to Ben Voyles on picking up wins in both BMX and MTB at the Outlaws Of Dirt event. Here’s what Ben had to say:

The 2015 Outlaws Of Dirt contest in Lyons, CO was a pretty good success!! Especially considering it been raining for a few days straight before the contest. Luckily they were able to make it happen by lining the jumps with plywood. Sounds crazy but it worked out really well! There was a great turnout of riders and spectators to the event this year, really made for a lot of high energy! They ran the contest in jam format this year instead of three runs. I personally enjoy that more myself because it makes feel more like riding with your buddies! So I road a 15 minute jam in the Bmx class and a 15 minutes jam in the mountain bike class and came out with a win in BMX and a second place in MTB!!