Well, here I sit, the Wednesday after a national and I’m just now back on a regular work and sleep schedule. Bakersfield, CA was the latest national on the ABA schedule and it was hyped on the net as the race to attend for us "seasoned" racers ! hehe –

Drove with a great friend Rob Klein and his family from AZ. Realized I was the only one in attendance from the factory squad…ooops correction, I had my teammate and one fast lady Carly Dyar to pal up with there. My rostered team was out in full force ! The Redline-Challenge crew had the pits dialed and was ready to put in work. There with some new AND some very familiar faces. Just an FYI, it’s always so much fun to hang with the Wrens and there are no better hosts than the " Challenge " crew. No problem finding fun during and after the race and awesome food every evening.

Friday practice was good, though a bit windy. Track was similar to last year but the 1st jump, a step was difficult for many to get over. The 2nd jump was a steep double that fast riders overshot and only pros could really pre-pull about 5ft from the base. Josh Oie went OTB and at that time everyone knew this thing was tricky for sure. A step-table going into turn # 2 also gave people fits. It was hard to keep momentum and rolling it was not pretty and only a few could jump it. Despite those few obstacles, the track was still pretty fun. Heck it’s BMX, track is supposed to be a challenge, huh ?    

Jr Devo was the class to watch and though I can’t recall who won when, that class is filled with talent !!! A.J. Hiatt is sick !!!

Well, Saturday I had semis in both 41-45 cruiser and 41x. Wow ! great rider count and except for Scribner, Moneymaker, Jud C., Miyamoto and a few others this was a great lineup and stacked for old guys ! 

I was very happy to win cruiser with 24 riders and 4X cruiser champ " Buckle " in tow. I had lane 8 in 41x and didn’t quite get the pop I needed from the outside to be a threat. I entered the last corner and 4X Pro champ, Pistol Pete went down on his own and after the carnage I made it to the finish and got 3rd. Yep, I’ll take it !

Sunday, no wind, hot temps and crazy BMX action ! We lost a few riders but with 19 in cruiser that is still some steep comp to contend with. I get thru the motos and semis and come main time I’m felling good with lane 1 but got a rider by the name of "Animal " next to me and wanting a win. Animal has me by about 110 lbs ! I better get out huh ? And I did and won cruiser again !!!!  Yes,sir …that felt great.

OK; last race of the day – 41x and I got lane 8 AGAIN ? Geezzz !  I have 4X AM cruiser champ Buckle in 7, 4X PRO champ and legend, Pistol Pete in 6 and the Animal in 4 along with 4 other fast guys. I said to myself, "take a deep breath, George"…and bam I won that main wire to wire from 8……..from 8 !!!!  I was so amped I just walked around shaking my head. IMO, that main was harder than the cruiser main at the ’09 Grands.      

Anyway, the drive home was easier with 3 wins and a 3rd for the weekend. However, time to go do laundry, dishes, and get in some riding. As they say you’re only as good as your last race !  Till next time shred the gnar !

–"Gorgeous" George Goodall