Justin Lindine headed down to Morgantown West Virginia for the Hilly Billy Roubaix, a terrific 70 mile gravel grinder, part of the American Ultra CX series presented by the Appalachian bicycle racing association. Well, the best laid plans can go astray, even though Justin was on new FSA wheels with Challenge Griffo XS tires and a Shimano Ultegra Di2 Redline Conquest Team.


In Justin’s own words from his Facebook post:

“Well, after the first 4 miles of the race (incidentally the only downhill in the entire day) I sliced my tubular on the first nasty gravel section. After a failed attempt to seal it I made my slow way back to the parking lot feeling sorry for myself. But after wasting some more time sitting around, the belligerent stubborn side of me took over and I put on my spare wheels and headed out about 40 min behind the last person on course. It was a brutal day spent chasing my way back into the top 25, but I’m glad I got to ride what just might be the hardest one-day course I’ve ever ridden. I’ll be back Hilly Billy Roubaix!”

Justin ended up in 21st place and according to eye witness accounts, over the last 10 miles he was flying!

Justin’s time was 5:06.40—just 44 minutes off the winning time for the event. Since Justin’s nick name is the Honey Badger it comes as no surprise that he does not give up and figured as long as I am here…..

Best funny comment about Justin’s day:

1. Bad news is that Justin had a badly timed tire issue. Worse news is that he is wrong in the head and attempted to bridge a 40 minute gap.