While France was all grand and fun, it’s back to San Diego for me. I am currently sitting in my dorm after an incredibly long ride home. I slept the whole way so it should have seemed short, but I think the fact that I didn’t want to get back to reality made it seem long. Before I get into that talk though, how about an update on the end of the weekend.

I am sad I have to say it again, but it wasn’t quite what I had hoped to get from the weekend.  I was riding really well in my opinion, having the hardest qualifier and keeping up with the winner all day long was really setting me up for a good day. My semi was extremely stacked though and not having a perfect gate didn’t help. I was in fourth going into the first turn anyway (I pulled brake, hung back, and shot to the inside) but the rider in front of me was already low in the turn…forcing me to be REALLY low in the turn. My front wheel basically latched on to Caroline Buchanan’s back wheel, drug, and then a slide from Caroline caused me to basically "tip over".  It was extremely upsetting after riding so well to not be in the final, but I guess things happen, and though I didn’t get the result, I saw A LOT of improvement at this race. In the time trial results, 

I was the 3rd fastest to the kink on the hill, and 2nd fast down the hill which are nice tid bits to keep my confidence up. I also almost beat the french winner of the day in our third round which was really exciting for me. I only had one crash this weekend (the crash numbers have slowly been getting smaller and smaller) that wasn’t even my fault really. So yeah, overall I would have to say I am still okay with the weekend.

The awards ceremony that evening was rather…eventful. It was during the afterparty for the race and needless to say, there were some interesting speeches.  This was the first ever end of the year awards and they gave out, most improved, rookie of the year, best crash, rider of the year, most stylish, and coach of the year. The videos and what not were cool to watch and it definitely made the night a little more fun.

After that evening it was off to the airport at 4:30am to head back to the US of A.  We got home to san diego around 8:30pm and back to the center around 9:30pm. I wanted to catch an early night’s sleep seeing as I had to make up a Biology midterm today..but that didn’t happen.  Sleeping the whole plane ride home and being on French time still, kept me up until 6:30am for 3 hours of sleep…AWESOME! Anyways, I was back off to school from the center this morning and aced that Bio test (NOT!!!!!). 

All I can say is tonight I hope to definitely get a lot more rest after I pick Sam up from the airport…

chat at you soon!