I’ve recently returned to New England in my home town Middleboro MA. Been here for about a month now and seem to be nonstop. I went to Ocean City to ride OQ park and meet the majority of the U.S. Redline team which was awesome, seemed like good vibes all around. The team met up at woodward East and drove to MD. I left Sunday in order to make it back home so i could teach ramp camp at Rye Airfield the following day. Riding Rye is always a treat. I just got a late invite to the second stop at Portland for LCQ. I’ll be there all week and then back to MA where I’m going to be filiming for a "my spot" edit for my trails back home. My friend Mike P. and i have been bringing them back to life and my friend Jeff Dupaul from TJD will be behind the camera. Shout out to Redline for helping me out this year and Flip for aiming things in the right direction. Psyched for 2011.


Here is a small edit from home and some photos: