So after Fresno I left the races with my mom, and Joey Bradford’s parents. I went and stayed at their house for the evening to hang out with my other family for a bit. Joey, unfortunately, was in Japan, but it was still nice seeing Jerry and Sheryl (his parents) because their like parents to me too.

Moneterey is a cool little city and it was fun to refresh my memory of it ( I haven’t been to Joey’s since I was like 11!!) At night we jsut hung out at their house but then on Monday before our afternoon flight, we hung out in the bay area.

Though it was fun and all, I am definitely glad to be home. This week is going to be hectic for me. I went back to school today to try and get caught up (only two tests to go and I am caught up after missing SOOOOO much school lately). i tried to run track practice after school today but my quad wasn’t holding up to the workout to well and is definietly hurting again so I am probably going to have to take it easy at our conference championship this thursday…which is a bummer =[ but I’d rather have my leg for the end of the season than thursday. So anyways, after track I had a pretty chill night. I check out some Oakley stuff (getting hooked up with them as a new sponsor!!!) and just caught up with some friends. I watched dancing with the stars and saw that my fellow gymnast Shawn Johnson won the show which is sweet because I was definitely voting for her. Now tomorrow I have to go to school early and make up a test, then go to school all day, then go to track practice, then try to ride my bike, then go to my friends and get ready for an awards/scholarships ceremony at my school, and then leave right from there to the airport to pick up Sam Willoughby from the airport at like 10:30pm. Then finally I come home around midnight to sleep and get ready for my AP Calculus test that starts at 8am. That will go until around 1pm which is when I leave for my track meet, and then I have that all night Thursday. Then Friday and the weekend is rolling around and I have to get everything ready for my graduation party on saturday!! After that, next week brings me school (should seem pretty easy), 2 sections state qualifying track meets I will update you on, and finally….MY GRADUATION FROM HIGH SCHOOL!! So basically that’s my next two weeks in a jiffy, pretty crazy and you can see why I am glad to be home and get the ball rolling on all of this stuff.

After that hectic update on my life, now check out my pics from RELAXING monterey, CA! =]