I got in to Australia Monday. I was here last year so it’s kind of weird to be in the same surroundings at another BIG race. This time however, I am staying with Sam’s family so I am getting more of a feel of the "living life" here rather than the hotel city life.

It’s really nice here. The weather is yes a little cold since it’s winter, but hey, i am from minnesota and I have been in a lot worse than 60 degrees!! haha. anyways the first day i was here I basically just spent recovering from the flight and trying not to fall asleep. (i couldn’t really sleep on the whole plane trip over either so i was coming off of a "few days" no sleep) so i was pretty tired monday night to say the least. Haha, I even woke up at noon Tuesday!!!

Tuesday I did a little ride and got to go over to "the cove", one of sam’s local tracks, and check that out. It was pretty nice actually. The surface is different on the tracks here, it’s all clay and this gravel type stuff over the top. It looks really slick but it’s not. anyways, here’s a few photos of the local track i rode.