Alli Sports has a new feature up where they ask 5 BMX pros 5 questions. Josh Hult is featured this week.


Question 1: What’s something you’re proud of?

Simon Tabron: Being the first person to figure out and do alley oop 540s on a BMX and the only person to do back-to-back 900s.

Josh Hult: I am proud of the fact that I get to do what I love for a living

TJ Ellis: Everything I accomplished in the 2009 season

Scotty Cranmer: I am proud of my life, and not just the material stuff like houses and cars. I am proud that I stuck with what made me happy since I was eight years old.

Brian Hunt: I think I’m most proud of just sticking to what felt right to me and doing what makes me happy. A lot of people out there let certain things dictate their lives, and it doesn’t have to be that way. You can seriously do whatever you want. I don’t just mean with BMX. If you want to travel the world playing kickball or writing about all the different ice cream in the world, you can do it. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


Question 2: What’s something you would never eat?

Simon Tabron: EGGS!!!!!!!!!!

Josh Hult: Spinach

TJ Ellis: Vegemite

Scotty Cranmer: I would never eat food with alcohol in it.

Brian Hunt: That’s a really good question because I’m a really picky eater and don’t like to eat many different foods. The question is more what do I like to eat? Ice cream.


Question 3: What’s your favorite video game?

Simon Tabron: New Super Mario Bros on Wii. I’ve completed the WHOLE DAMNED THING except for bonus world 7, which is, quite literally, impossible!

Josh Hult: God of War

TJ Ellis: MX vs. ATV Reflex

Scotty Cranmer: Mario Kart 64 for Nintendo 64. They really broke the mold on that one.

Brian Hunt: I don’t play video games that much but if I did probably Skate 2 or UFC. I don’t like UFC but the game gets pretty heated with friends.


Question 4: For park or dirt rider: What’s your go to trick on vert?/For vert rider: What’s your go to trick on street?

Simon Tabron (vert rider): My favorite street trick is to barspin down steps. I never get tired of that.

Josh Hult (dirt rider): On vert I love to do high, slow downside tailwhips

TJ Ellis (dirt rider): Tailwhip air

Scotty Cranmer (park/dirt rider): On vert? I can grind like a mother!

Brian Hunt (park rider): That’s a toss-up between a stovepipe or a flair double whip to barspin. Depends on the day, I guess.


Question 5: Photo shoot or video shoot?

Simon Tabron: Video

Josh Hult: Depends on what I’m riding but I like shooting photos.

TJ Ellis: Photo shoot

Scotty Cranmer: Photo shoot. Pictures are fun to make perfect but a lot of work as well.

Brian Hunt: Oh that’s a tough one. A photo captures one little moment and can look amazing but right now I’d choose a video. With a video you can watch every single part of a trick or spot you hit with your friends. Video captures the entire thing.