I came back to Japan after Madrid few weeks ago then went to Korea 2weeks ago.

It was a pretty fun race, with 32 Elite mens there. A lot of riders came from Europe and the U.S., so it was a very hard race for being a race in Asia. Probably the hardest competition Asia has ever had.

I made main and I was in 3rd until I came out 2nd turn! For some reason my hand came off after a jump, so I got loose and then finished 6th. ha ha

I came back to Japan the next day and spent some time at home before heading off to the All Japan Championship. Best news is that I won All Japan Championship yesterday!  I got the holeshot in main but cased a roller before Pro section, so I couldn’t get through it and got passed. I went in to the rhythm side by side, and I knew he was going to high low me in the last turn, so I went a little slow, then brake-checked him in the last turn. I didn’t like jumps that on last straight, so I didn’t want to charge the whole last straight.


Ealier in the day, in the semi, I overshot that pro-section, so I was kind of worried about that so I didn’t pay attention on roller before jumps.

Anyway … finishing 1st is all good.


here is video of the race.


 my first moto was pretty stupid…

semi and main:

My next race will be SX in Denmark then will back to US in middle of May.


Thank you