Fresno, CA:  At the most recent NBL shindig, REDLINE pros ALISE POST, JASON CARNE$and SHAWN “SWIFTY” O’GORMAN were present and accounted for on the podium.

In another great Pro Women battle, Alise and Dom Daniels continued their heated chase for the win, points and end of year Championship. With her focus now solely on BMX, Post and her Flight Expert XL scored the victory on both days. This is definitely going to be a race for the No.1 plate that comes down to the Grands … in both sanctions!
In a very positive sign that his rehab is near complete, former NBL No.1 Master JASON CARNE$ took the 2-spot on Saturday, buzzin’ on the back knobbies of Dale Holmes, followed in by “Swifty” Shawn O’Gorman in the 3. In fact, O’Gorman liked that spot on the podium so well that he took it again on Sunday.