Hello from Spain!

I obviously got here fine and am situated. The hotel is really nice and is SUPER close to the track (which we haven’t been allowed to see yet…the building has been locked up).


I got on the time schedule before our flight out of San Diego and slept perfectly on the plane all the way to Madrid, so I haven’t felt jet lag – as least not yet (one step ahead of everybody already!! ha ha.)

Oh and by the way, Sam did a press conference on Tuesday already with the UCI and a bunch of local media in his Redline and Swatch clothing, so that should be good! He also got a sneak peek at the track and said it looks like it should be good for the gals after coming off of our Chula Vista training. Pretty simple, he says, since the arena is kind of small and a short track was all that was possible.

I am super excited to ride the track tomorrow. Our practice is at 7:30pm here (everything is later here since Spanish people like to do everything around midnight apparently …ha ha). Then on Saturday we practice at 11am, begin time trials at noon and then have a break until racing starts at 6:35pm. It will be a full, fun and eventful day!


Anyways just wanted to let you guys all know I was doing good. And Denzel has his head on, as well. He’s excited for the racing.  Thanks for everybody’s support and wish me the best!!

(The race will be live on Freecaster, as well … and so you know;  Madrid is 9 hours ahead of CA time, and 7 hours ahead of MN time)


Love you. Bye