Sunday was the ABA round of the race and i think it went better than Saturday even. Every lap I ride I feel like I am getting better and better on my bike. In my first main I shot out pretty good and had the hole shot but then i decided to try to jump-manual a step triple…..and let’s say i am glad i stayed up on two wheels! lol. Second main I got another second, but come third main I won a lap!! It was a big confidence booster even though I still got second overall for the day.

Today we had a photo shoot in Chandler, AZ for Redline and that was a lot of fun as well. Afterwards we went and checked out the ABA headquarters and it was kind of cool to see where this whole deal comes from. The Hall of Fame was pretty cool as well as all the old bmxer magazines and pics of tracks…it was just cool to see the history.

Now we are staying in AZ another day or two, maybe hit up the zoo and ride some tracks or do something before we head to Vegas for the race in Nellis, and then I will spend about a half week there before I head home again. Should be good fun. i’ll keep ya posted =]