Courtesy of our pal Jerry Landrum over at – here are a few pics from 2009’s "Greatest Race on Earth" — taking place on Thanksgiving weekend in Tulsa, OK:

(above) Redline AA’s Denzel Stein and Sam Willoughby filled two of the eight spots in the 2009 Grands main event.

(above) The fastest BMXer from Canada made his Pro debut in Tulsa.  After the first two mains, Tory Nyhaug was tied up for the win, but a bad third main held him back to 3rd place in A-pro.

(above) With the illustrious Silver cup in hand, "Gorgeous George" Goodall accepts the 2009 ABA No.1 Cruiser title.

(above) Redline’s mighty Minnesotan Alise Post was also tied for the win going in to the third and final main – but just like Tory, a disasterous third main moved her down to 3rd place overall for the day.

(above) Denzel Stein was looking incredibly fast – and was out front start to 2-inches-before-the-finish in Main #1 of AA-pro. Gold medalist Maris Strombergs nipped him right at the stripe.

(above) Redline’s double-troublein double-A’dom – Denzel Stein and Sam Willoughby. Expect to see more of this side by side domination in 2010!

(above) Denzel leads out the newly crowned No.1 Pro – Randy Stumfhauser, out of turn 1. That’s Willoughby in the 3-spot, followed by Kahlon Young and Bubba Harris. The AA-action in Tulsa this year was incredibly tight!

(above) Welcome to the Team! Autstralian wonderboy Sam Willoughby – the newly crowned UCi Supercross champion, made his debut in the red, white and black. He’s lookin’ good, goin’ way fast and plans on being in the AA main.

(above) DeSoto’s very own Denzel Stein is hoping that his 5th place in the finals is good enough to keep that No.5 on his plate. We’ll find out as soon as ABA releases year-end points standings.

(above) Welcome to the Pro ranks!  Canada’s No.1 Olympic hopeful for 2012 filled out a pro application and has made the move to single-A Pro. On Friday night, he scored a 2nd behind Josh Meyers.

(above) Denzel in full-pull mode – leads KY, Sam and TB to the first turn.

(above) Denzel Stein and his 2010 Flight Pro XXL battle elbow-to-elbow, grip-to-grip down teh first straight away.  Denzel’s been demonstrating some BIG pull down the first straight;  even from lane 8. But the Pro section has gotten the best of him a couple of times.

(above) After a 4th place on Friday, Alise Post can only retain the No.2 plate in Womens Pro. But that’s Ok – since she planned on running the #11 in 2010, anyway.

(above) Between these two guys, they’ve held 12 consecutive years of Vet Pro domination. Redline’s JASON CARNE$, with his recently fused-together wrist, is back doin’ it in the Vet class, but still needs some time to get back to 100%.


(above) Alise Post watches her new teammate Sam Willoughby in practice. Notice that Sam is sporting the 2010 Redline factory jersey.