I was in Madrid Spain last week for the first round of the Supercross World Cup. I was exciting to take part of this race because after my bad crash in Chula Vista I was not sure to be able to race a Supercross right now. I ride my bike again since Februar so I was very happy to be there in Madrid.

The track was OK, not very big because of the venue. It was a good place to race (the same than in 2008). The race was a real show and there were a lot of spectators. That is a good thing for BMX ! The UCI starting hill gave us a lot of speed in the first straight but in 2nd straight we had a "big box" : step up – step down, which was not fast but it was very hard to jump it !

I did a nice run during the time trial, I could maybe put more attack but I wanted to do a "safe run". I finished 8th so that is not bad for a come back ! After that I was focus on my race and on my gate which was bad ! I did bad starts all race long so it was not easy to be on the top spots. i finished 3rd of my 1/8 finals. Then I crashed in quaters at the end of

the first straight. I didn’t hurt myself, that is the most important ! The result is not very good but as I said for a come back it is not so bad. Now I can prepare the next Supercross race (Copenhagen, May 9th) and I hope I will be at the same level than last year ! Good on TT and good at the race…

Next race is in France this week-end. It will be the first rounds of the Euro serie.

Thank you.

dams Godet