Hi all BMX Fans

This weekend past we had our 2nd leg of Nationals and our 4 riders participated over the two day event.

Jarred rode very well but was shoved up the berm so his overall finish was not as great sa he would have wanted but nevertheless he placed 3rd and 4th overall over the 2 day event.

Bianca rode extremely well maintaining her 3rd for the entire weekend and almost placed 2nd in one of the heats, she is almost back to her usual form since she broke her arm earlier this year. Well done!

Miguel rode very good and consistent during the heats and semis, wow what a tough class as the youngster just makes the age group, Well done for making it to the finals and excellent riding.

JOhn rode well but unfortunately diidn’t make it to the finals. Man what a class it seems since the old BXMER’s found out World’s was being held in South Africa there has been an excellent turnout for this class and man you gotta see how competitive these guys are lol.

Anyway REDLINE was placed 4th overall for the team results which is excellent as we are a small team in comparison to most of the others.




See you all at WORLDS