It comes down to the last race to earn that critical 4th race for 10 Juniors

Brian Fawcett

Kendal Johnson

Keith Suttlemyer

Keith Fawcett

Emerson Webb

Grant McElroy

Cole Garnder

Owen Szwaya

Mitchell Fisher

Grayson SzCzukowski

Are all sitting on 3 races. Got to get that fourth race in to qualify for series & grand prize awards ! Did I spell those names right?

Kolben Preeblee has the boys 17-18 series win locked up. Timothy Jaynes has locked up the boys 15-16 with an impressive 5 straight wins. Trevor Schauer has a lock on 2nd but 3rd could be a fight between Colin Dunlap and Keith Suttlemyer. Sam Rosenburg has also secured the series win in the boys 13-14. 2nd and 3rd will be a contest however between Adam Oliver, Michel Stevens and Cameron Miller-Griffin.

Grant McElroy has been hot winning 3 in a row in the boys 10-12, but steady Orion York has him beat for the series overall. 3rd place is up for grabs between Cole Garnder, Owen Szwaya, Mitchell Fisher and Grayson SzCzukowski.

All in all there are 19 boys capable of having a shot at a 24” Redline Conquest bike, and a Kona Jake bike grand prize awards.

There are 9 Junior girls fighting it out for a Redline Conquest frame, and Kona Jake bike grand prize awards.

Sierra Reid has taken over the series lead in the girls 17-18, but the throw out races make it interesting. If Sierra wins this Sunday, Carina Hahn needs to finish 3rd to tie the series. This will be a close battle. Will Tilly Field show up and mix things up? In the girls 13-14 we have the tightest racing in the whole series. Marisa Reid put an end to Dana Martel’s two win in a row streak and tied up the series. However, when you throw out their worst races Marisa has a narrow 2 point lead. Dana needs to beat Marisa by one place to tie in the series. Haley Wilson has won her 6th race in a row and locked up the series win. Emma Rosenburg has secured 2nd, and Sierra Kelly has locked up 3rd.

Here is how the grand prize awards will be awarded:

Each racer with 4 or more races has earned lottery points based on their series finish position plus number of races attended. Those lottery points will add up to pegs on a prize wheel. The more points, the more pegs on the wheel. I promised two grand prizes for the boys, and two for the girls. All the boys will be grouped and assigned peg numbers on the prize wheel. We will spin for two winners (cannot win twice). If you are under 5 feet tall you win the Redline Conquest 24” bike. The other winner gets the Kona Jake. If both are under / over 5 feet, then the higher number of lottery points gets to pick first. The Kona Jake bike frame size can be selected by the winners at Sellwood Cycle Repair. I will have a Kona Jake 52 cm bike on hand. If you win, and that is your size, you can have it!

Same for the girls except their two grand prizes are a Redline Conquest 44 cm frame, and a Kona Jake bike.

There are lots of ways I could have done this, but I think this is fair and will make for an exciting Awards. Remember we have Medals, and lots of other Schwag for series finishers.

Cookies and Hot Chocolate for all Juniors. We have the Gym for the awards. OBRA Podiums for photos (free on line posting after the race). Awards will start approximately one hour after the finish of the Junior race (I need the results and to compile the series finish positions, lottery points, etc).

Thanks to all for participating in the series. See you at Camp Harlow on Sunday. 

Video Action from last Saturdays race 6