Introduction:  We first met Susannah Hart this past December at the USGP Cyclo-cross race in Bend, Oregon.  The whole family was out to compete, watch and be a part of the event. We were struck at the time by the enthusiasim and joy the family was having at the event, and they came by to say hello and tell us how happy they were with the Monobelt. Well Susannah has been at it again, riding her Redline a lot, and getting better all the time. Here is their story.

16-year-old girl finishes High Cascades 100 MTB race on Redline Monobelt competed in the High Cascades 100 MTB race in Bend last Saturday, and finished the race—on her Monobelt—in just over 14 hours. While that is not even close to the top of her Open Women category, she is only 16 years old, the youngest female to ever enter a National Ultra Endurance race, much less finish—and she was riding what was likely the only belt-drive (and almost certainly the only Monobelt) on the course. The Monobelt performed flawlessly. I know, because I was staffing various aid stations along the way (mile 20, 57, and 80) in this hot, dusty, and sometimes technical course, and guess what—she never needed a chain lube like the other 300+ racers (imagine that!). Never broke a chain, never bent a derailleur—never even had to check the drive train.

Note on the bike: we purchased this Monobelt specifically because it was the only Redline 29er SS with a front shock—making it easy to convert to Cyclo-cross by mounting CX tubes & tires while still allowing regular and endurance mountain bike & short track racing on fat tires. Susannah also raced this in the 32-mile Women’s SS category at the Echo Red2Red race in Echo, Oregon, in March. In fact, in its first four weeks out of the box back in November, it went through both a bottom bracket and a rear freewheel. But in all fairness to the poor bicycle, it did 25 CX races in (muddy) Oregon in those four weeks with four different riders weighing in at 120 to 180 pounds and in categories including Men’s C, Men’s Master C, Men’s 50+, Junior Women, Women B, Women A, and single-speed.

We have had a couple of small technical issues—one when I, probably unfairly to the drive train, pitted my 180 pounds against the carbon belt mashing up a very steep hill after only a week and actually broke the belt, and the other when we got the bolts stuck in the split frame assembly, but those are stories for another day. Today’s story, though, is just that we love the bicycle for getting Susannah through her 100-mile, 11,000-feet-climbing, 14-hour race last Saturday. Great product!