Zack and the boys had a great time filming the Redline West Bound & Broke Down Video. We took the opportunity to ask him 10 random questions. 


10. What was your first car?

It was actually a truck. Toyota Tacoma to be exact.


9. What is your day job? (if you have one)

I just left my position as a janitor at my old high school. I was there for 2 years.


8. Who in BMX do you currently admire, or look up to as an individual.

That’s hard to say exactly one person. So many people are doing such awesome things now a days.


7. What would you say is a bad habit you currently have.

I’m a habitual fingernail biter.


6. Do you have a college degree?

4 years under my belt in the field of business management.


5. Is it true you have never been an a plane until the Redline Westbound and Broke Down tour?

Yes, but I’ve actually been to the west coast multiple times. However, each time I actually drove out there. This was my first time ever flying. I was scared to death.


4. Worst injury you have ever received in BMX?

I broke my spine in two places. I had a compression fracture in T6 and T7 vertebrae in my back.


3. We noticed you are always posting drawings on your facebook page. What is your favorite thing to draw?

I enjoy drawing images that have multiple, humorous meanings. A depicted pun as it were.


2. Last thing (book or Magazine) that you read?


Last magazine I read was DigBMX 89.


1. Whats the next trick you want to try that no one else has done?

I’m not sure yet, but I’ll know when I find the setup. It’s just about being at the right place, at the right time that crazy stuff goes down.